Sunday, December 17, 2023

A 20 million dollar lottery scratcher in my backyard?

 A good friend of mine texted me a link recently to an article about a Bay Area guy who just won 20 million dollars on a $30 scratcher. He apparently was on a lunch break from his airport job (I'll skip giving his name here as I'm sure he's getting plenty of unwanted attention), when he walked into L & M liquor store and threw down 30 bucks to buy the jackpot winner---"Set for Life." This store is right next door to my favorite breakfast place I often go to, "Rosy's Cafe," a cozy mom and pop. From time to time, I've purchased lottery tickets at L&M for Powerball and Fantasy 5 drawings, but never for a high priced scratcher. That's too expensive in my book (unless you hit the jackpot). Even after they take the taxes out of 20 million, he'll be doing just fine. Spend wisely my friend; spend wisely. Watch out for the scam artists bombarding your email with "friendly hellos." Or the long lost "relatives" who come knocking.

L&M will be getting a tidy $100,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. Let's see if they do any store upgrades. It's one of those old school neighborhood liquor stores and could use a little "sprucing up."

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