Monday, December 25, 2023

Golf temper tantrums. "Getting to know you...getting to know all about you..."

 Somewhere along the line, I read that upon first meeting someone, if you really want to know how the person truly is, either take a vacation with them...or go golfing together. The golf advice hit home with me, because as noted in other posts here, I jumped into playing golf as a boy with my Dad's guidance and instruction, and I learned a lot about golf etiquette too. For example, don't talk while someone's putting. Be ready to hit your shot so you don't slow up play. There are many other golf etiquette rules; some dating back to 16th century Scotland where golf was invented. 

By the way, there are plenty of road rage folks that bring their "act" to the course on golf carts. BEWARE! Talk about a miserable golf outing for all. Statistically, each year, about 15,000 golf cart related accidents happen nationally requiring emergency room visits. I've seen guys race their golf carts up a greenside slope, jump out in a hurry to go putt, forget to engage the cart parking pedal, then freak out when they see their cart rolling away down the fairway... driverless. If you're a wise golfer, you never treat a golf cart like a toy.

I remember watching the former #1 golfer IN THE WORLD, Rory McIlroy, throw a club in a lake on national TV after hitting an errant shot. It was a shocking outburst and very unusual for Rory; always the gentleman. The announcer said he was having a hard time adjusting to a new set of irons he had endorsed. Apparently so. Adding insult to injury, the announcer actually said the name of the club manufacturer on TV! The golf club CEO must have been foaming at the mouth.  Later in the broadcast, they showed some scuba diver dude who went under water on the lake and retrieved the golf club. I think he returned the 3 iron to Rory. There was a moment of humor. 

We had one big and tall golfer on our high school team who was a hot tempered club thrower. One time, we were on the course in a match when he hit his ball into some trees. He proceeded to hit his next shot and the ball ricocheted off a tree and went further back into the woods. His face reddened, and with all kinds of angry, facial expressions, he took his iron and slammed it into a tree, causing the shaft to split in half. He disgustedly threw the two pieces down on the ground and stormed off to find his ball. Our golf coach usually stayed off the course and behind the 18th hole. Had he seen Dean's temper tantrum, I'm certain he would have pulled him from the match immediately and given him a heated lecture about his unacceptable  behaviour. Back then I played a lot of recreational golf on weekends and avoided this type of player like the plague. Their reputation tended to get around in the clubhouse. Not too many golfers I know like to play with a hot head. I guess the moral of the story is know who you're playing with before you go. And keep your mouth shut when they hit a bad shot. Don't add fuel to the fire! Golf clubs can serve as lethal weapons in the wrong person's hands. That brother in law or stranger you're playing with may turn into another Adam Sandler or Bob Barker character from "Happy Gilmore." The smack down scene is hilarious, isn't it? "The price is WRONG, Bob!"

The 88th edition of The Masters is now history (Scottie Scheffler won) from Augusta National Golf Club with its amazing pimento cheese sandwiches for $1.50! The Masters has one of the most knowledgeable fan bases in the world. They insist golfers be on their best behaviour.  Legend Arnold Palmer was a stickler for proper etiquette. He often schooled the young PGA players coming up;starting with taking your golf hat off when entering a clubhouse. And making sure, when signing your autograph for a fan, it's legible!


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