Monday, April 1, 2024

Five voice over stars in a limo heading to an awards show

 OK. OK. I know this clip is very dated but's a funny skit with 5 VO superstars from way back. Don LaFontaine, the late, great movie trailer voice (''In a world...") was booked and in such demand that he took a limo during the day to production studios (pre-home studios) to record voice overs;one after another. He was a generous guy and would sometimes allow certain people to ride with him. He was also known to record simple voicemail messages for folks he met in between sessions. What a kick to have Don recording your voicemail message!  Your friends were impressed. Or, maybe somewhat envious.

This is an old video but always makes me smile. Stay with it!  It's not very long. To see the faces that go with the voices-PRICELESS!  Classic voice over guys including the man who was the voice of Disney-Mark Elliot;a very familiar voice taking some of us way back to our childhood.

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