Monday, June 5, 2023

Choose your chair wisely!

 No, this is not a post about buying furniture for your living room.  It's about getting a proper chair for your sitting as you edit audio you've recorded. We've heard and read articles about how bad sitting is for long periods of time. I know firsthand what can happen when you use a chair not suited for hours of sitting throughout your day. 

A number of years ago, I got hit with a wicked spell of sciatica. Have you ever had the same? If you have, you know how extremely painful it can be. My right leg was so sore and numb I could barely get out of bed for my morning cup of coffee. Here's the clinical explanation of sciatica symptoms: 

Lower back pain 

Sensation in lower extremity: pain, numbness, tingling, weakness 

Pelvis/buttock pain 

Hip/groin pain 

Feeling of leg instability

 Restless sleep patterns 

Disturbed sitting patterns due to pain 

 Pain going from sitting to standing

Yuck! None of this stuff is good for recording throughout the day.

When I moved back to the Bay Area, I brought a chair with me I had been using for some time in my studio in Charlotte with a soft, cushion seat I bought at an Office Max. It was comfortable overall.  Fast forward to my last sciatica episode years ago. I had a friend who recommended her chiropractor to me. She spoke very highly of him. So, off I went to see him looking for some relief. He asked me if I walked regularly and I told him I usually did in the afternoon. He took an X-ray of my leg and said I'd be having further sciatica flare ups and told me to walk for longer periods of time. He also made some adjustments to my leg and back in his office. I felt a bit of minor relief. He encouraged me to have a follow-up appointment with him. (which I never did).

Next morning, pain and numbness still loud and clear, I had a lightbulb moment. I thought maybe it was my cushiony chair that was the culprit. So, I went to Office Depot and sorted through the chair descriptions on each one. I ended up buying a "hard" chair that was made for extended hours of sitting. Perfect for when I had a bunch of audio to edit. (Did someone say "long e Learning courses?")

Miraculous as it sounds, the pain quickly went away. I have never had a bout of sciatica from that time on!

Make sure you buy the right chair! Sometimes the most comfortable chair is not the best one for your needs.

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