Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Hoarse throat relief to the rescue!

One of the challenges of voicing many scripts in the same day is that your voice may decide to get in a funk from time to time. Dryness, raspiness... just plain ol' sore throat. Not being able to deliver projects on time can mean money lost, or worse yet, the loss of a client. (We covered in another post the need to drink water throughout your day and stay hydrated).

I use to live in Charlotte before moving back to the Bay Area, and when Spring rolled around, it was not uncommon for yellow pollen to be all over the place---on cars, on buildings... and on yourself. I would usually catch a bout of scratchy throat. Or worse yet, a case of mild laryngitis. I dreaded pollen season in the South. Here on the West Coast it's a non-issue for me.

A number of years back, I heard about a terrific product from that great animation voice actor and coach, Pat Fraley. It's called "Entertainer's Secret." This stuff's been around for some time and professional singers, including Billy Joel and Katy Perry, swear by it. You spray it into your throat or sniff it into your nostrils. It's distributed by a company out of Indiana. The bottle indicates the main ingredient to be Aloe Vera Gel; not surprising as we've long known the power of and many uses of AVG.

I know that there are many other tricks of the trade that VO folks and singers use to keep their voices fine tuned, but this stuff works for me. And it's not messy. 

Check it out here

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