Friday, September 30, 2022

Set up your You Tube channel (It's a good idea for business!)

 There are many ways to promote your voice over business. I'm on Linked In, have my own website with my voice over demos and customer testimonials, email marketing, and this blog, to name a few.

My You Tube channel allows me to showcase work I have done for others needing a pro voice over for their videos. It's a great way to show your versatility. The channel is free. You can log in once you set up your account and rearrange your videos. Mine begins with a voice over I did for a San Antonio engineering firm. From there, I picked other videos that show another style of read from me. 

Here's a list of some of the video types I have on my You Tube channel...

A video showcasing a pressure washer (They wanted a "gritty, masculine" voice for this.) 

One about a Palm Beach golf resort. I used a very quiet voice for this one. Relaxing feel. ("Shhhhhh...somebody's putting!")

A TV commercial for "Think Like a Cat." One of four I voiced that aired on Game Show Network. Amusing voice. Light and happy. Fun

A mysterious book trailer voice over

A  narration I did for "In Pursuit of Passion," an inspirational TV series

A learning voice over for a video about plagiarism ("Salami Slicing")

An auto TV spot for a Texas dealership

An episode I voiced for "Grand Theft Auto." This one is mob/guns/drugs/shoot 'em up

A playful video voice over for a kid's charity

And a number of other videos with my voice; about 25 I recorded  voice over for.

The whole goal is to show you're versatile and not a "One Note Johnny."

And don't forget to freshen up your YT channel from time to time. It shows you're working.

Here's a link to my You Tube channel. You'll see and hear the videos I have listed up above.

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