Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Eric Carmen passes at age 74 "All By Myself"

 By far, probably one of the most talented singers/songwriters/composers I ever played on radio was Eric Carmen. He was born in Cleveland. I was raised there. I followed his career closely. His mega hit "All by Myself" went to top 5 here in the states and also charted high in the UK. Celine Dion and countless others covered his songs. I "hated" him for his fantastic rock star hair and his dashing good looks. (Um, OK. I was jealous). Almost everything he did musically was a hit. Hardly a radio show would go by without me playing an Eric Carmen song. And his"Hungry Eyes" in Dirty Dancing starring Patrick Swayze expanded his fan base even more. In this sit-down with reporter Russ Mitchell, he gives a shout out to the Beatles and tells an interesting story about a controversial Rolling Stones appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The interview is only 7 minutes long and very engaging;taped at his luxurious home in Cleveland. RIP Eric and thanks for all the great music;beyond a job well done. Oh, and please do me a small favor. Tell the hair gods you bump into up there to send me some hair. Unlike you, I'm "follically challenged." 

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