Thursday, September 21, 2023

Halloween fun and Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

 It has always fascinated me that Vincent Price supposedly recorded his haunting narration for Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in just one take. WOW!

Having him on that recording was pure genius. Who better to do the narration than the late king of horror movies-Vincent Price. I know some of you reading this are young and have no clue who Vincent Price is. Go on You Tube and search his name. His voice was perfect for spooky movies and he was quite in demand. 

Vincent apparently got paid a flat $20,000 to add his voice to this monster classic. But as an option, he was offered a percentage of the album sales, which he turned down. Ouch! That cost him millions. He was on a TV talk show and the host asked him why he didn't take the percentage deal and he humorously said he was doing well with his acting career at the time and didn't need the money.

Here's a link to the recording session with Michael and Vincent. It sounds like they had a lot of fun. Listen for Vincent's eerie laugh at the very end.

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