Saturday, February 18, 2023

Ben Affleck works the Dunkin' drive-thru window (Super Bowl TV commercial)

 So another Super Bowl has come and gone, your team didn't win (unless you're a K.C. fan), and you're still alive. Congrats to the Chiefs! My team, the Niners, seemingly ran out of gas on their attempt to win one more game to advance to the SB. When the 4th string quarterback comes in to replace the injured 3rd string quarterback, well, "Houston, we have a problem." They literally ran out of quarterbacks! Better luck next year Niners.

As an aside, judging by the You Tube comments I read, Babyface's rendition of "America The Beautiful" and country crooner Chris Stapleton's take on our national anthem, was an overwhelming success. It was something to see the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and some of the players crying on the sidelines as Chris delivered a standing ovation kind of performance; no easy task at such a huge stadium.

I'm sure you know, a lot of non-football fans gather on SB Sunday just to catch the TV commercials.  Being a big comedy fan, I always look for a laugh or two. Here's one of the better ones, I thought. Somehow I missed seeing this spot during the broadcast (must have been in the fridge). The hidden camera, customer reactions are real... and priceless. Watch this when you're having a bad day and need a chuckle. See it here 

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