Saturday, January 21, 2023

America's Got Talent (What's YOURS?)

 So, no surprise that America's Got Talent is a huge TV hit with no signs of slowing down;17 years and still going strong. The show comes with plenty of opinions/input from the audience. For one, some viewers say they have had enough of the sob stories that the contestants present. Or, I should say, that the show's producers push forward. I don't watch often, but the bit I have has held my attention for a while. Looks to me like Simon Cowell has reinvented himself from his judging days on American Idol where he came off as undeniably mean spirited to the point where some of those auditioning were ridiculed and made fun of; some balling their eyes out or throwing a temper tantrum.  On AGT, Simon shows a softer side to his judging and can often be quite the positive cheer leader, clapping his hands and smiling. He should be smiling. As the creator of the "Got Talent" franchise worldwide, his salary is a staggering 95 million dollars. What's he doing with all that money? None of my dang business I suppose. I'm sure, like a lot of the mega wealthy, there were many early failures for him. I'm not going to give him a "cyber standing ovation," but I will say, "Job well done sir." I do like his candor. He's spoken often about his excessive cosmetic surgeries which seem to have gone off the rails and set his fans in a tizzy. I hadn't seen him on TV for some time, but when I DID tune in, it was like "What happened to his face?" Fans expressed concern over his odd appearance. He said he went overboard, but indicated he's going to chill on all the surgical shenanigans. I've often wondered with some of these superstar personalities with all their money, why can't they find an excellent surgeon to do a great job? I'm sure some do. But then there's folks like Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers, and Joan Rivers, to name a few, who just didn't know when to say "no" or "stop." I use to play tons of Kenny Rogers' music on my radio shows, loved the guy, was sad when he passed, and he looked fine with a few extra facial wrinkles as he aged. Then came the surgery. I remember he said he was really upset over his appearance after his face lift, but it was irreversible. Too bad. 

Here's a fun fact for you AGT fans. This comes from the America's Got Talent auditioning website...

"Each act member and parent guardian, as applicable will receive $25 for each night that you are booked in the production hotel. This money is provided for additional meals or expenses outside of the audition at the theater. You will be given your per diem when you check in at the theater the day of your audition."

Anyway, back to the question in the subject line of this post, "America's Got Talent. What's Yours?" I would imagine almost everyone has a unique talent of some kind. Not necessarily one that you'd take on stage on national TV, but a talent nonetheless. And it probably doesn't have all the teary-eyed back stories that you see on AGT. I play no musical instruments, can't sing, forget dancing (I'm embarrassed to dance at a wedding; I look like a wounded duck), can't change a tire ( just ask my brother Chris who came to my rescue in a very cold Ohio winter), or pound a nail straight... and that's just for starters. I WAS a pretty good junior golfer way back, but haven't played in several years. I DO have one  unusual talent.  Since I was a kid, I've been able to wiggle my eye balls back and forth real fast like they're being shocked with electricity. I think I showed it to our long deceased family dog,Tuffy, who was totally unimpressed, burped, then ran back to his sleeping cushion, after letting out a series of yawns. No applause from him. Definitely not AGT worthy.

 I went to grade school with a neighborhood kid who made it on the old "Gong Show" with Chuck Barris. For those not in the know, it was a wacky, off-the-wall game show where people came out and displayed their "talents," no matter how crazy.  Most made fools out of themselves. They had a number of out of work, D-List celebrities on the panel judging the farcical "competition." The kid I went to school with came out in campy drag, tried to sing a tune, sounded like a dying rooster, and was immediately gonged. I saw him days later on our school bus, but didn't bring it up."If you can't say something nice...".  He often tried to bully me on the bus. Karma's a good thing, isn't it?

Whatever your unique talent is, may you show it off happily and surprise the world. There's only one you, right? 


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