Thursday, October 14, 2021

How do you like your fries?

 Yipeeeeee! Wendy's has just announced that they're coming out with a "Hot and Crispy Fry Guarantee." That should allow some french fry fans to sleep better at night. There are few things in life more disappointing than a cold and soggy fry. And how awful you feel when heading over to the Wendy's drive-thru window and you're already prepping your taste buds for some mouth watering  fries, only to bite into a cold and limp fry. "It's just not right. What an injustice! I ought to sue!" Lawmakers need to pass "The French Fry Ordinance." Simply put, any restaurant that knowingly and willingly sells cold and soggy fries shall have their license taken from them. And the manager of the store may be subjected to a few days in county jail where he or she will be force fed soggy fries.

So here's the deal. Wendy's says if you receive cold french fries, all you have to do is exchange them back in for some hot and crispy ones. No questions asked. They've also changed the way they make the fries with a new french fry recipe to make sure they stay hot longer.  I'm sure the competition is watching this roll-out very carefully. "Hot fries! Crispy fries! PLUS, a free exchange guarantee!? How do we compete with that?"

While we're talking fries, did I ever tell you about the time I took a few friends up to see a San Francisco Giants game on a Saturday? I didn't go for the baseball. Nah, I went to try some of their famous GARLIC fries. And I wasn't disappointed. One of my friends held her nose a few seats down from me as she hates the smell and taste of garlic. Not me. "I'll have a double dose of garlic on those fries Miss." "Comin' right up sir." 

Life is good. Happy munching. Someone pass the ketchup please. 



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