Friday, September 27, 2019

Pay to Play voice over sites

There certainly is a lot of discussion these days about the value, or lack of it, in being on a Pay to Play website to win voice over jobs. And in visiting voice over forums, I see there tends to be a good amount of differing opinions. So, I'll offer mine here and speak to my own experiences.
About 14 years ago when I was moving out of radio and into voice over full-time, I joined The subscription fee back then was reasonable and I won enough jobs to more than cover the cost of signing up. Fast forward to now. The amount of negative feedback is getting is off the charts. And the couple that started the company got their hands caught in the cookie jar doing some really shady things to the voice talent and fees charged. (Insert "ripoff" here). There are many articles online about this written by voice actors, so I won't go there. (Just Google " reviews"). A few years ago, I decided to no longer subscribe to their service. And just before I left them, unlike when I first joined, the good paying job auditions I received were few and far between. I also never liked how does not allow the voice talent to directly interact with the client while the job is being done. Everything has to go through them. I've been on Voices123 and Bodalgo out of Germany and won jobs on both. But more and more, I'm seeing auditions submitted for a job are not even being listened to by the voice seeker. And it's not just me. It's what I'm reading from other voice talents on forums. So, while I am not a fan of Pay to Play sites, there are some voice talents who will tell you they make good money using them. Most of my business comes from repeat customers, word of mouth, and marketing emails I send out to video/media production companies with a link back to my website demos.  Things are changing quickly in the voice over industry. Tread carefully when considering joining a Pay to Play site. Sharks abound. 

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