Monday, April 29, 2019

Cable cars and more (plus a handy tip)

If you're visiting San Francisco, Powell and Market Streets is a good location to drop by.
Here you have a  very popular cable car turnaround, some places to grab a quick bite, a major shopping mall (with public restrooms= hard to find in SF) and lots of  tourist activity. Often you'll see a street musician playing here or a highly energized, toe-tapping dancer entertaining the crowds waiting to hop on a cable car.

The lines at Powell and Market at the cable car turnaround can be very long. Tourists come to San Francisco and their vacation is not complete unless they ride on a cable car. Here's a tip from a local: If you walk up Powell a bit, you'll see some cable car street signs up the line where you can hop on. The operators of the cable car usually leave a little space for a few pickups along the way. It'll save you a very long wait in line back at Powell and Market streets.

A little bit further up Powell is Union Square. Almost always there's something going on at the plaza. In winter, an ice skating rink!

The city has installed some very contemporary benches along part of the Powell sidewalk where you can take a break and watch the cable cars come and go or people watch.

On a recent visit to have breakfast and walk, I spotted this new piece of artwork on Powell.

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