Friday, August 19, 2011

Ugh! Mouth clicks and other gremlins of the VO world

With the hyper sensitivity of today's microphones, recording a voice over without lip smacks, mouth clicks and such can be a bit of a task. Being well hydrated with water before a recording session is a good foundation. Another tried and true trick is to eat a Granny Smith apple. That particular type of apple works wonders when it comes down to eliminating or minimizing mouth clicks. Not just any old apple-a Granny Smith apple, the green one shown here.

Of course, in post production, clicks between words can often be eliminated. However, some nasty clicks are layered right over the word or a syllable. So, it's best to eliminate them at the source-your mouth. Every voice over artist will tell you what type of mouth noise they battle from time to time. A case of "clickitis" can be particularly frustrating on long form narrations. For me, the water and the Granny Smith apples work wonders. Plus, they taste good.

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  1. This could be useful when trying to pronounce the click sound in Xhosa!


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