Saturday, November 13, 2010

Voice over in a nutshell

I was doing some house cleaning on my computer and stumbled upon one of my favorite quotes I had saved years ago in a folder. It came from the late advertising legend, Bill Bernbach. (More about him below from Wikipedia.)
In one sentence, he managed to not only sum up the ad world of which he was such a large part, but he also described what voice overs are all about. Here's the quote.

"It's not just what you say that stirs people. It's the way that you say it." 

I would add that voice actors spend years learning the nuances of the craft.  Anyone who thinks that voice over is just about reading words off a page has missed Bill's insightful comment completely.

Here's a bit more about him from Wikipedia:
William (Bill) Bernbach (August 13, 1911, New York City - October 2, 1982, New York City) was an advertising creative director. He was one of the three founders in 1949 of the international advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB). He directed many of the firm's breakthrough ad campaigns and had a lasting impact on the creative team structures now commonly used by ad agencies.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloopers ("Help! My tongue just got stuck!")

What was it that somebody once said about not taking yourself too seriously? Voice over retakes in the booth are the norm. When being directed, the producer may ask you to read the same line over and over until he/she hears what they feel is needed. Then there are days when your tongue gets wrapped around your teeth and you just can't say what you want. I was voicing some particularly challenging copy for a bait and tackle shop, and the copy had the craziest names for fishing lures you've ever heard. Not only that, but the sentence structure was a bit unusual. You can hear my blooper here with your media player. It's a very brief clip.