Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hoarse throat relief in a bottle

One of the challenges of voicing many scripts is that your voice may decide to get in a funk from time to time. Dryness, raspiness - just plain ol' sore throat. Not being able to deliver projects on time can mean money lost, or worse yet, the loss of a client.

I heard about a terrific product from that great animation voice talent and coach, Pat Fraley, called "Entertainer's Secret." This stuff's been around for some time and professional singers (including Billy Joel), as well as voice over folks, have put it to good use. You spray it into your throat or sniff it into your nostrils. It's distributed by a company out of Indiana. The bottle indicates the main ingredient to be Aloe Vera Gel.

I ordered several bottles and keep them handy in my vocal booth.

I know that there are many other tricks of the trade that VO folks use to keep the voice fine tuned (such as nasal irrigation with saline solution), but this stuff works for me. And it's not messy.

And of course, staying properly hydrated with lots of water before a session takes place is key.

I saw Celine Dion interviewed on TV, and she said before she hits the stage, she likes to eat potato chips. She said the oil in them helps to lubricate her throat. No joke. (Isn't there a Lay's potato chip commercial in there somewhere?)

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