Monday, October 25, 2010

Say goodbye to the Walkman

I could have titled this post, "My how time flies." Sony announced today that it is halting production of the Walkman which came out in 1979. With the lightning speed of digitization and new technology, you have to wonder what new toys we'll have in the next five to ten years.
From a CNN article posted on the site today:

After retiring the floppy disk in March, Sony has halted the manufacture and distribution of another now-obsolete technology: the cassette Walkman, the first low-cost, portable music player. The final batch was shipped to Japanese retailers in April, according to IT Media. Once these units are sold, new cassette Walkmans will no longer be available through the manufacturer.

The first generation Walkman (which was called the Soundabout in the U.S., and the Stowaway in the UK) was released on July 1, 1979 in Japan. Although it later became a huge success, it only sold 3,000 units in its first month. Sony managed to sell some 200 million iterations of the cassette Walkman over the product line's 30-year career.

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