Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Larry and his suspenders bid farewell

So I saw the announcement on the Internet this morning that Larry King told his viewers last night he's packing it in after 25+ years of interviewing the masses.

My all time favorite interview was when he went to Marlon Brando's
estate with his TV crew to do a full hour, and there sat the feisty actor in his easy chair, feet propped up, spewing all kinds of personal and show biz anecdotes. It was compelling TV. But Brando saved the best for last, when he planted a kiss on a somewhat stunned Larry King. I don't know whether that was planned or not, but judging by the look on Larry's face, it sure didn't look like it.

Of course, until "The King" steps down in the fall, speculation will be running wild about who the heir to the throne will be. In my mind, there's really no need for debate-the gig goes to Ryan Seacrest. I mean, between his thirteen other shows he hosts (including morning drive radio and American Idol),what's one more? Then again, maybe not. I know Ryan could handle the lighter, show biz, celeb stuff, but I'm not so sure how he'd do interviewing world leaders like Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed.

UPDATE! Piers Morgan, a judge on "America's Got Talent" and British journalist has been chosen to replace Larry King. 

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David said...

Ryan Seacrest?!?! You gotta be joking. He'd fall apart in 20 seconds. When I heard this morning that LK likes him, I was - yes- gabberflasted! The Marlon Brando interview was great - I love when he turned the tables and started interviewing Larry!